Farewell Message from the Editor

This is the 9th volume of the Journal of Religious Studies, and it has arrived on your computer screen, ready for you to browse it freely and download. :)

Despite the fact that conducting research in Pakistan, particularly in a far-flung place like Chitral, is a herculean task, believe me I have a great deal of admiration for my colleagues, particularly Dr. Bukhari, the former project director, who managed to make it a success despite all hurdles.

Respected readers! Human nature has been preoccupied with the need to discover the truth about the existence of all things from the beginning of time, which is a never-ending research process. Man must employ his intellect and critical thinking as a guiding force, as dictated by the divine will. We must spend our lives in this world in a way that is consistent with the realities of life rather than ignoring them. We are attempting   to achieve this goal by publishing this journal, which will provide a forum for knowledge seekers to put their skills to use for the benefit of future generations.

Dear readers! This issue of the Journal of Religious Studies is significant for two reasons: First and foremost, this will be my final issue.  It was a challenging day for this Journal when I resigned from the University of Chitral. Despite my heavy workload at the University of Sharjah, where I began as an Assistant Professor in August 2020, I volunteered to serve as editor for the Journal in the absence of a new editor. During this vital moment, I did everything I could to raise the academic integrity of this journal to new heights. Secondly, we have attempted to incorporate all technical and creative measures into this issue in accordance with the directives of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and we have registered the Journal with international archiving agencies such as CLOKSS and PKP Open Archives Harvester, as well as the KEEPERS Registry for the safe preservation of the published material.

The Journal has also been linked to the following indexation agencies to make it easier for readers to find it online, as well as for researchers to reference and cite it:

  1. ROAD (Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources)
  2. Google Scholar
  3. Index Islamicus
  4. DOAJ
  5. Research Gate
  6. Org
  7. World Cat
  8. ERIHPLUS (European Reference Index for Humanities and Social Sciences).
  9. Cross Mark
  • DOI
  • EBSCO Host
  • Al-Manhal
  • IRI (Islamic Research Index)

The indexing process with A&HCI and SSCI is nearing completion. The Journal will be added to Scopus within the next two years, according to the plan. Now it will be up to the incoming editor to steer things in the correct way and make strenuous efforts to get this journal added to the list of prestigious worldwide publications. In the meantime, let me express my willingness to provide any technical assistance in this regard.

Finally, I'd like to express my gratitude to Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah, Vice Chancellor of the University of Chitral, as well as to all of the contributors, section editors, and authors, for their support and dedication in helping to elevate this Journal to new heights of academic excellence.

All the best

Dr. Zia ul Haq, the Editor

Published: 2021-12-27