Call For Paper

We are happy to invite you to contribute to our upcoming special issue for December 2019 in the Journal of Religious Studies University of Chitral. UOCHJRS has been among the most respected journals in the field of Religious Studies. We believe that our peer-reviewed special issue can contribute in the high-level scholarly discussion of the journal. The Journal is indexed with international indexation agencies i.e, Crossmark, DOI, Google ScholarERIHPLUS, Scientific Indexing Service, WorldCat, EBSCO,  and other digital networks for the purpose of easy access, Citation and Referencing.  and is going to be placed in the X Category by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in December 2019.

The topic of interreligious dialogue is of critical importance at a time of increasing geopolitical tension. The urgency for developing better analytical tools for understanding interreligious dialogue is underscored by widespread concerns about religion and violence, and the security culture that this has given rise to in a number of nation states. Furthermore, globalization, technological developments, mass migration, and recent political upheavals and the narratives of exclusion that have been associated with them, highlights the need for greater levels of communication between religious groups. This volume seeks to investigate interreligious dialogue as a necessary component of global affairs in post-secular times, and in multi-faith societies facing increasing levels of cultural pluralism.

To explore these issues, we propose to include articles on the following themes, from the perspective of a range of different religions:

  1. Changing viewpoints and theories in the study of interreligious dialogue
  2. Interreligious dialogue and politics in the context of globalization
  3. Interreligious dialogue and debates about secularism and post-secularism
  4. Interreligious dialogue in the context of social diversity, cultural pluralism, and multi-faith societies
  5. Interreligious dialogue and emerging information technologies
  6. Interreligious dialogue in an age of terrorism
  7. Interreligious dialogue and migration


Please send your manuscript directly to Dr. Zia ul Haq, Editor Journal of Religious Studies, University of Chitral.