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2nd Issue of Vol.5th of the Journal of Religious Studies has arrived on your computer screen and is available for you to download and browse.

Respectable readers! Human nature has always been fascinated with the desire to learn the truth about everything's existence, which has led to an endless Research Process. As directed by the divine will, man must use his intellect and critical thought as a guiding force. We must live our lives in accordance with the realities of life, rather than ignoring them. We are attempting to accomplish this goal by publishing this journal, which will serve as a place for knowledge seekers to apply their abilities to benefit future generations.

On this happy occasion, I consider it appropriate to mention that Dr. Zia-ul-Haq Has laid the foundation of this research journal and made it a tenacious tree. After his departure from the University, the responsibility of this journal has fallen on my shoulders. Dr. Zia-ul-Haq pays tribute as a former editor and start-up services of the journal and it is hoped that his hard work will always be remembered

Finally, I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah, Vice Chancellor of the University of Chitral, as well as all of the contributors, section editors, and authors for their cooperation in elevating this Journal to new heights of academic brilliance.

Best Regards

The Editor


Published: 2022-06-30
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The Journal of Religious Studies of the University of Chitral (UOCHJRS) is a tri-lingual peer- reviewed publication that brings out thoughtful original research of interdisciplinary nature with a focus on various inter-related areas of religious studies and theology. While aiming at scholarly study of Islam and the Muslim world it covers all other areas of knowledge ranging from history to developmental science apart from dealing with ethical questions. It tends to make an in-depth inquiry into Islam and provide a forum to global Muslim societies by promoting diffusion, exchange, discussion of research findings and interaction among academics from various areas of learning. It pursues an approach where scholars from different Schools of Thought can contribute towards promotion of common grounds and seeks to encourage interfaith and Intra-faith understanding which will eventually bring harmony in the society.