Shah Wali Ulla’h and Disciplines of Mysticism

  • Dr. Hussain Ahmad Chairman, Deptment of Islamic Studies & Research, University of Science & Technology, Bannu, Pakistam
Keywords : India, Tasauf, Lathaif, Exoteric, Esoteric, Mystic


Shah Wali Ullah of Delhi (1703-1762) was an outstanding Scholar of Islamic science Qur’an and Sunna’h. His multi-dimensional work placed him among the high rank of intellectual mystic philosophers of Islam in south Asia in the eighteenth century. His work is voluminous, widely acknowledged among the Muslims globally. He made a deep analysis of the various components of Islam and presented the whole Islamic teachings in their true shape. As a reformer, he portrayed a true picture of Mysticism. He believed that Islam was a dominant and divinely designed religion envisaging both political and intellectual domains. The scientific interpretation of Islam no doubt rests with the Muslim scholars who harmonize it with the demands of the time through research and deep study of the tenets of this belief keeping in view the challenges faced by humanity. Islam has two vital aspects-the exoteric side which concerns the outward action and the esoteric aspect involving the purification of heart through good deeds (Ihsan). Shah Wali Ullah concentrated on the later aspect and explained how the inner side of a human being can be purified? According to him the temperament of a person varies with gender, age, the food eaten and the region of the earth where he lives, so there is nothing like absolute balance of temperament that might exist, but it is possible that a perfect or balanced example might be observed in the lives of the holy prophets who have been declared as perfect examples of good temperament and urged upon the Muslims to copy them. We find that Shah Wali Ullah has based his spiritual philosophy on the message contained in his major LATHAIFS (books). It is worth noting here that Nisbath i.e. devotion to Alla’h occupies a vital position in his philosophy. His book named “Ham,at” meaning a few drop of wisdom- encompasses the whole content of his message. This article probes the essence of Nisba’h in Shah Wali Ullah’s  view.

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