The new edition of the Journal of Religious Studies, University of Chitral is being made accessible to you with the blessings of Almighty Allah. As usual, the editorial board of the journal received scores of articles from the national and international research and academic institutions, but only 14 articles have chosen for publication after filtering out the rest in a detailed peer-review process in accordance with the set standard of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The articles have been selected purely on the basis of merit and an effort made that variety and innovation are maintained in the articles. This edition of the journal will come up to your taste hopefully.

Most venerable readers!

The Journal of Religious Studies publishes researches by outstanding scholars regarding the issues and hardships faced by the Muslim Umma’h and the challenges of the latest academic thoughts. The aim of the Journal is to create a congenial atmosphere for independent and unbiased dialogue and discussion regarding contemporary academic and religious issues. The Muslim society has plunged into total chaos on account of these ills and deep differences, and a very unpleasant situation exists everywhere today. We are just making a small effort to put an end to controversies and trying to promote common values in order to bring back peace and harmony in society, that is why the Journal within a short period of its publication has earned much respect and our efforts have been appreciated by renowned scholars around the globe and the Journal has hit popularity level in the academic circles.

As usual, the under review edition also consist of Arabic, Urdu and English sections and the following measures have been taken that the required HEC standard one achieved.    

  1. All the articles have been selected for publication after blind review with the help of national and internationally renowned scholars.
  2. All the article have gone through the latest software of plagiarism (Turnitin).
  3. An undertaking has been signed regarding the copyright of the articles by the participating article writers.
  4. The Journal has been uploaded on the website of the University of Chitral (www.jrs.edu.pk).
  5. The journal is linked with the crossref.org and other international digital networks for the purpose of easy access, citation and referencing.
  6. A regular contact with the national and international indexation agencies has been established for the indexation of the Journal.


At the end I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our worthy contributors, staff editors and renowned scholars whose efforts have enabled us to touch a high mark of research and quality work at our research deck and we hope that this Research Journal, keeping its individuality regarding temperament and standard will soon be counted among the recognized journals of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC).


Badshah Munir Bukhari