Contemporary and different interpretations of ,religious war or Jihad “A comparative and scientific analysis”

  • Dr. Mian Mujahid Shah Lecturer Islamic Studies Department of Islamic Studies & Religious Affairs, University of Malakand
  • Dr. Aminullah Amin Assistant Professor Department Islamic Studies, SBB University Sheringal Dir Upper
  • Hilal Tayyib PhD Scholar Department of Islamic Studies University of Peshawar
Keywords : Religious war, Jihad, ethics, organizations, state


       Just as Islam changed beliefs, ethics, politics, society, economics and the rest of the system of life, it also significantly increased jihad and fighting, set morals for war, ordered good treatment of war slaves, Rather, the jurists have written that not only bravery is necessary for the Amir of Jaish and the commander of the Muslim army, but it is also necessary that he should be gentle, and he should be fair to the rights of the people.

ینبغی ان یکون امیر الجھاد عالما بوجوہ الحرب،رفیقا بالناس،عادلا فی حقوقھم: 

Translation: It is necessary for the Ameer of Jihad to be aware of the ways of war, to be kind to people, and to be fair in their rights.

There will be no betrayal. The woman will not be killed. Children will not be killed. A person of weak age will not be attacked. The blind will not be killed. The patient will not be killed. He who does not fight will not be called anything. A religious leader will not be killed if he does not participate in the war. Those whom a Muslim has given alms will not be killed. It is not permissible to cut a fruit tree. The animal shall not be killed. Gardens will not be damaged.

Jihad has taken a difficult situation in modern times, most of the jihadi organizations announced jihad without the permission of the government, but some of them even created riots in Islamic countries without the will of the government. Muslims want to kill Muslims, but because of world politics, sometimes Muslims help infidels against Muslims. Therefore, only the state narrative and state interpretation of Jihad needs to be followed and different Type definitions need to be eliminated.

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