Al-Rawd al-Anf" as a source of Seerat

  • Iqra Baseer Ph.D Research Scholar Department of Islamic Studies Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan K.P
  • Dr. Sohail Anwar Lecturer Department of Islamic Studies Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan K.P
Keywords : Seerat Tayyaba, Imam Suhaili, fiqh al-siraah, AlRawd al-Anf


In the preface, the place, rank and style of "Al-Rawd al-Anf" have been described in the books written on the subject of Seerat Tayyaba. Imam Suhaili has followed the order chosen by Allama Ibn Hisham, similarly, the rate of poor words, explanation of Rizal and Ansab, etc, lexical, syntactical. He has provoked rhetorical debates and discussed the authentic status of traditions, in addition to this, an important and fundamental task was to derive lessons and lessons from the events and jurisprudence rules, which laid the foundation of a new trend in biographical writing, which is called fiqh al-siraah in modern terms. Although Imam Ibn Hazm (456 AH) and Ibn Abd al-Barr (463 AH) among the Rwandan biographers before Imam Suhaili have glimpses of this style, but Imam Suhaili has adopted this style not as a side, but as an obligation, and he expressed it in his share. What is in the case is that they will explain poor words, ambiguous expressions, difficult words and such jurisprudential points that need a rate. In Imam Suhaili's book, jurisprudential points, lessons and Hebrew examples are seen everywhere, but in some places, "Al-Rawd al-Anf" appears to be a book written purely on the subject of jurisprudence instead of a biography. In his book, Allama Sohaili has explained the events from the biography through twenty (20) examples. Consider one example: In the context of the explanation of Shaq Sadr, Imam Suhaili says that the Prophet (peace be upon him) became Shaq Sadr twice and twice a gold plate was brought with ice in it. And the pure heart was washed with the water of Zamzam. The Imam compared the external and internal attributes of gold here and the characteristics and privileges of the Holy Qur'an and wrote that some jurists have deduced the problem from this incident that they should examine the adornment of the Holy Qur'an with gold. The jurisprudence rulings and wisdom derived from the events are a reflection of Imam Suhaili's jurisprudential taste and insight. In this regard, Imam Suhaili's manners and styles include reasoning from the Qur'an, reasoning from other traditions, biography, hadiths and monuments, indicating the weakness and anxiety of the traditions. The methods of application in contradictory and conflicting traditions, reasoning from weak and obsolete traditions, interpretation of jurisprudential principles and rules, priority and rejection in the sayings of jurists and inference and extraction in the context of linguistic and syntactic discussions are more prominent. Finally, the conclusion is mentioned, in which the above-mentioned styles are summarized۔

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