A research review of the hadiths of Ubayy ibn Ka'b (RA) in the virtues of the surahs: In the context of Al-Tafseer al-Badi' fe kalamina Rabban al-Sami'i's


  • Murad Ahmad Ph.D Research Scholar Department of Islamic Studies Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan K.P
  • Aqil Khan Khateeb Govt Post Graduate College Mardan
  • Sabira Begum Mphil Scholar Department of Islamic Studies Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan K.P


Al-Tafsir al-Badee, Holy Qur'an, Allama, Aqili, Ta’deel, books


Al-Tafsir al-Badee fi Maarefat Kalam Rabna al-Sami” is the interpretation of Holy Qur'an done by Maulana Sharifullah which is the best interpretation in general but at the end of the Qur’anic surahs -like the others of the Ancient interpreters- he brought the narrations and did not produce their chains of transmission. In fact, that is a detailed narration of Ubai Ibn Ka’ab in which he mentioned the virtues of the surahs of the Holy Qur’an. The chain of transmission for this narration was transmitted by Imam al-Thalabi and Allama al-Wahidi. As well as this chain of transmission was mentioned by Al-Allama Al-Mustaghfari, and the Allama Abu Dawood in the books of the virtues of the Qur’an, and also it was mentioned by Al-Allama Al-Aqili in his book “Al-Da'fa Al-Kabeer.” There are many narrators in this narration about whom the hadith scholars have spoken, and they are weak and reprehensible and accused of lying.Rather, the imams of al-Jarh and al-Ta’deel agreed on their weakness in the hadith narration, and the earlier and later imams of Hadith and Qur’an also agreed that the narrations of these narrators were fabricated.