Critical Review of Two Pakistani TV Ads in the light of Islamic Shariah

  • Dr. Shahab Naimat Khan Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies,BUITEMS University Quetta
  • Dr. Aftab Ahmad Assistant Professor Department Islamic Studies, SBB University Sheringal Dir Upper
  • Dr.Mohammad Naeem Assistant Professor (Shariah), Department of Islamic Studies, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, K.P


Pakistan was founded on the name of Islam and those people
who struggled and faced atrocities of the occupying nations,
aimed to have a free place where they can practice their religion
without any barrier. One the other hand Islam required from
Muslims to act upon the teachings and directives of Islam in
their all fields of lives. For this purpose, Islam demanded from
Muslims to review critically their all walks of lives and try hard
to conform them with the instruction and guidelines provided to
them. If they face novel situation or issue, they should consult the
origins of Islam and strive to search its solution. The advertising
in its present condition is a novel issue. Its Shariah Ruling has
been discussed here in this article first. Afterwards, two ads of
the Pakistani TV are translated into English and then their
critical review in the light of Islamic Shariah and Pakistani
Society is stated. The conclusion of the article and some
suggestions are added in the end.

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