A research review of Western influences, reasons and prevention on Islamic civilization

  • Shah Room Bacha PhD Research Scholar in Islamic Studies, University of Malakand
  • Prof. Dr. Ata Ur Rahman Chairman Deptt of Islamic Studies, University of Malakand
  • Dr. Janas Khan Assistant Professor in Islamic Studies, University of Malakand


Every nation in the world has its own culture and standard of living (way of life) that is a collective phenomenon. Every nation that professes its own faith with process and action, struggles to maintain its national identity as well, and does not mix and mingle itself up with alien civilization. Muslims also have a separate identity vis-à-vis other nations of the world, and if this cultural identity vanishes, then there will be no crystal clear difference between the Muslims and the NonMuslims. If a group wants to dominate other nations and cultures without throwing down the glove at the opponent and launching a military war, the cultural invasion is the most powerful tool, for militarism often causes full swing reaction and tooth and nail fights from the rival group, resultantly the aggressors not only face shameful defeat even after a long time, but also admit their blunders. The victory fetched and provided by might and mine would not bear any sustainable results until the cultural occupation and pervade prevail for a long span of time.In the underlying article, the literal and standard definition of culture and cultural invasion will be explained in detail. After that, a research review of the impacts, causes and influences of Western civilization on Muslims will be described in detail, and their prevention will be described in the light of the Quran.

Keywords: Western influences, Islamic civilization, Western civilization, Quran.

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BACHA, Shah Room; UR RAHMAN, Prof. Dr. Ata; KHAN, Dr. Janas. A research review of Western influences, reasons and prevention on Islamic civilization. Journal of Religious Studies, [S.l.], v. 5, n. 1, p. 96-108, dec. 2021. ISSN 2663-0206. Available at: <https://jrs.uoch.edu.pk/index.php/journal3/article/view/408>. Date accessed: 04 oct. 2022.