A Critical Review of the Ḥadīth “Draw a part of your Deen from Al-Ḥumayrā’ ”

  • Noor Ahmad Khan Bhatti Ph.D Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies, University of Karachi Pakistan
  • Dr. Nasir Uddin Siddiqui Assistant professor, Department of Islamic Studies, University of Karachi, Pakistan


Islam is not but what the Prophet Muhammad, peace & blessings be upon him, told us from Allah Almighty. And it reached us throw his companions, men and women. In among of women their leader is Sayyida Aisha (Allah pleased with her), that she reported thousands of Ahadith/marwiyat. The importance of her marwiyat is well understood by knowing that the ¼th of our Deen/Islam is proved by these marwiyat, and although the half of “masaile nisa (women’s issues)”. This Virtue of her is powered by a hadeeth in wich it is said by prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him): “Draw a part of your Deen from Humayraa (Aisha, Allah pleased with her)”. Hence this hadith reached us without “Sanad”(The chain of transmission of the hadith). So some scholers decleared it a “mowdhoe hadith” (fabricated). But their assessment proved not true. In this analylitical study, it is discussed by different viewpoints that this hadith has its origin. Absence of “Sanad” does no surely means that the hadith is mowdoe/fabricated. Along with, our under discussion hadith is stated in some enormous scholer’s books wich shows it has a realground. So it is not a ‘mowdhoe/fabricated hadith’. At least its words are proved. Ofcourse a great portion of deen/islam has been preserved through sayyida Aisha

Keywords: Aisha, Humayraa, Ahadith, Deen, Women’s issues, Sanad, fabrication

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BHATTI, Noor Ahmad Khan; SIDDIQUI, Dr. Nasir Uddin. A Critical Review of the Ḥadīth “Draw a part of your Deen from Al-Ḥumayrā’ ”. Journal of Religious Studies, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 01, p. 166-179, jan. 2021. ISSN 2663-0206. Available at: <https://jrs.uoch.edu.pk/index.php/journal3/article/view/357>. Date accessed: 21 sep. 2021.