Towards an Integrated Waqf Disclosure Index

  • Muhammad Ismail Center for Excellence in Islamic Finance - Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar
Keywords : Disclosure, Integrated reporting, Phenomenology, Waqf, Awqaf performance


The fundamental purpose of this paper is to explore the integrated disclosure attributes which are essentially required by the waqf stakeholders especially the regulator as well as the existing and potential contributors in Awqaf. The secondary objective is to provide a tool that enables evaluation of the established Awqaf properties based on the self-constructed integrated Waqf disclosure index (IWDI). It is evident from prior established literature that more disclosure guarantees higher public participation in Awqaf and vice versa. An integrated Awqaf disclosure arrangement will include both financial and non-financial attributes by considering statutory and voluntary disclosure requirements. However, waqf would be index-based on different financial numbers as well as qualitative measures. Mixed method approach is being adopted that includes Phenomenology from qualitative nature of study and the index construction that is quantifying it. For Phenomenological output, in-depth experiential interviews are required, and these are analyzed using interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA) technique. The baseline Waqf secondary data is to be analyzed under self-constructed integrated Waqf disclosure index. The current study is a very novel contribution to the established waqf related literature. Also, the findings enables disclosure assessment of the local waqf properties and will also broaden ones’ understanding and approach toward Awqaf.

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