An Aesthetic Sketch of Sūrah al-Raḥmān Broadening Mental Horizon and its Impact upon Human Thought

  • Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Farooq Lecturer IRI, International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Muhammad Ashfaq Ph.D. Scholar, Department of Islamic Studies, HITEC University Taxila, Pakistan
Keywords : Sūrah al-Raḥmān, Aesthetic Modes, Contemporary Context, Prophetic Role Model, Impacts


This paper aims to study an aesthetic outline reflected in the Scripture of Sūrah al-Raḥmān which may cause to broaden one’s mental horizon with profound impacts upon his thought and personality. It has been managed to highlight various unattended aspects of subject discourse considering different modes of interpretation when we study it either rhetorically observing the applications of the science of effective communication taking into account earlier work of scholars succinctly or the scientific study of natural phenomena indicated in the Sūrah al-Raḥmān. Employing a qualitative research method for assessment of relevant literature and data this paper arrived at the conclusion that the study of Sūrah al-Raḥmān observing different modes of aesthetics and beauty opens the doors towards beautiful landscape in relation to the utmost demand of human nature. This study also concludes that the Prophet of Islam () is the perfect source of guidance for those, who want to find the modus operandi for the well-mannered and civilized living styles around the globe. His guidance is the fountainhead of awareness for them who want to get closeness towards Allah Almighty. The number of examples are the parts of this study recording the impacts of Sūrah al-Raḥmān upon human thought and personality.

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