Did Jesus Predict Muhammad? A Critical Review of the Evangels in the light of Various Tafasir

  • Fazal Raheem Ph.D Research Scholar, Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre, Peshawar, PÉkistÉn
  • Dr. Sahib Islam Professor, Shaykh Zayed Islamic Centre, Peshawar, PÉkistÉn
Keywords : Christ, Muhammad, Torah, Farqalit, Musliams


It  is a fact  that after believing  in Allah belief in prophet hood is an essential part the chain of prophet hood has continued in every period but crown of finality of prophet hood has been bestowed up on the Prophet Muhammad(peace and blessing of Allah be up on him ) It is a clear fact that all heavenly religions ,especially   Islamic sharia , has adopted the path of moderateness and everything has been given its due   place .Quran and all the revealed books like Torah the Gospel the Psalm and other scriptures have been the belief of prophet hood in the mind of human being with great temperance and frugality but without extremism and alteration unlike  the Jews who called the Jesus as an illegitimate child .Christian made him the son of God. This is extreme and against the path of moderateness besides  every prophet used to intimate about three things,   1:that he attests all those prophets sent and the books revealed before him   .2:   that all the prophets were given two qualities”(a) the bearers of glad things and (b)a Warner .3:  that every prophet used to give revelation about the arrival of a new prophet who will take care of this assignment particularly about  prophet Muhammad (PBUH) all famous prophets had revealed .Prophet Ibrahim had prayed that “o my Lord” send a messenger amongst them”  Prophet(pbuh) said that he is the prayers of his father Ibrahim who had prayed for him and that Allah had accepted his prayers. Similarly Prophet Moses had predicted that a prophet will be sent amongst your brothers likewise Prophet Christ had forecasted about the arrival of a prophet whose name will be Ahmad and will be the prophet for the entire humanity till the Dooms day.

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