The Importance of “Fiqh al Seerah” and the Derivation of “Fiqhiyyat” from the Battle of Khyber

  • Dr. Muhammad Anees Khan
  • Mr. Muhammad Waqas Ph.D. Scholar Department of Islamic and religious studies, Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan
Keywords : Fiqh al Seerah, Fiqhiyat, Methodology, Batle of Badar


Fiqh al- Seerah is in fact a closely linked area of Islamic teachings. Fiqh covers the principles of law and Sharia’h and Seera’h as we know is the life history or biography of the holy prophet (SAW). Fiqh al Seerah refers to deep and profound understanding of Shari’ah law or commandments of Alla’h and authentic knowledge of the life history and experience of the holy prophet (SAW) as both are deeply interwoven. Lack of understanding of any one of them will lead to great confusion. Practical implementation of Sharia’h law necessitates deep understanding of Seera’h of the prophet (SAW). The need for study of Fihq al Seera’h has greatly increased in recent times in view of the demands for differentiation as far as sayings of the holy prophet are concerned. Without serious investigations into the matter the prevailing doubts about the validity of certain narrations can not be removed from the minds of people and also authenticity of the valid ones be established.

Author Biography

Dr. Muhammad Anees Khan

Dr. Muhammad Anees Khan is currently working as Assistant Professor Department of Islamic & Religious Studies at Hazara University, Mansehra, Pakistan. His major area of research is Comparative Religions and Islamic History. He published more than 20 Research Articles in different field of Islamic Study.

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