A Critical Analysis of Interfaith Dialogue Movement in Pakistan and its Future Prospects

  • Dr. Riaz Ahmad Saeed
Keywords : Future Hopes, Interfaith Dialogue, Pakistani Context, Scholarly Views, Analysis


In modern ages, the nations, faiths and communities are more in need of better relationship, tolerance and peace from any other phase of the human history. Therefore, interfaith dialogue has become the most significant activity in this age of the conflict and clash. Due to its importance, many religious, non-religious even political parties have deeply involved in it. In Pakistani perspective, the Christian Study Center, Rawalpindi, has a historical role to promote Muslim-Christian Dialogue. The Christian Study Center, Rawalpindi,  one of the major dialogue institutes in Pakistan has been busy in holding interfaith dialogue, meetings, workshops, seminars and conferences at national and international levels for the past 50 years. Definitely, this activity has some kinds of positive and negative impacts on Pakistani society. Therefore, Muslim and Christians have shown  their concerns about  modern interfaith dialogue movement for various reasons. In such a situation, the question arises whether these activities have any future hopes and impacts on the society and what are the chances of success taking into account their usual directions? What do scholars think about the  future of interreligious dialogue in Pakistan? In this study, efforts are being made to evaluate the interfaith dialogue movement in Pakistan from futuristic perspective in the light of Muslim-Christian scholarly views. The analytical and critical research methodology was adopted in this study with qualitative approach. For data collection libraries, websites, journals, interviews and discussion methods were used.

Author Biography

Dr. Riaz Ahmad Saeed

Dr. Riaz Ahmad Saeed is a senior lecturer of Comparative Religion and Thought at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) Islamabad, Pakistan. He did his MPhil from International Islamic University–Islamabad in 2011 and then his PhD from the Institute of Islamic Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore in the subject of Comparative Study of Religions and thoughts. His work focuses on “Freedom of Expression in Islamic and Contemporary Western Thought. He has a vast experience of academic matters working in various reputed institutions of Pakistan. He writeen 25 research papers for national and international reputed research journals in the areas of interfaith dialogue, Comparative study of Religions, Orientalism, Human rights and Minority issues. Being a member of various  institutions he has presented 23 papers in national and international conferences. He is member of many national and international academic and research forums. He is editing the Research Journal  “Al-Milal and  Journal of Religion and Thought” (AMJRT) and serving as the Secretory of  Board of Directors, Pakistan Society of Religions (PSR) since 2018 .

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