The Interrelation of Divine Laws in the Light of the Aims of the Valid and Abrogated Laws

  • Dr. Kalsoom Bibi University of Sargodha, Pakistan
Keywords : Maqasid e Shari'ah, Naskh, Takhsis, Qur'an, Jesus


Shari’ah stands for the laws of  Allah. Ma'qasid e Shari’ah  means all those laws which  existed before the revelation of Qur’an in the shape of the holy scriptures i.e the Old Testament, the New Testament which were given to Prophet Moses and Jesus respectively. In all these  religions basic beliefs, Principles and worships are common (Same), but there is a difference in practices and the way they were exercised. A number of jurists have mentioned previous laws as a source of Islamic laws. According to them these are valid until any argument rises against them. Some jurists do not agree with the point  and they claim  that past laws were sent for specific time and era, so these are not valid now.The last religious laws mean  last revelation revealed upon the holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by God. The most prominent Quality of the new laws as compared to past laws is that these are not specific to any era and time. The human life always subject to evolution and when there comes a change in the society, it causes and requires change in religious laws. The Shari’ah laws and human’s need should be  compitable  thus the Shari’ah laws are  obligated to provide better legal procedure and principles for human guidance according to time and environment. It is very important to explain the original meaning of shari’ah and descirbe the basic concept and the aims of Shari’ah to determine the relation between the new laws and the pre-Islamic laws.

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