Guidelines for contributors


 UOCHJRS (Journal of Religious Studies, University of Chitral)  is the tri-lingual Arabic, English and Urdu bi-annual research journal of University of Chitral which welcomes papers having the features of creativeness and enquiry, in all branches of Islamic Studies with special focus on Religious studies and theology.

Manuscript’s Submission

  1. Submit your paper by registration easily using our online login where you can access the relevant submission system via the Submission link on the web page of the University of Chitral. Once submitted, your paper will be considered by the editor and if it passes initial screening, it will be sent for peer review by experts in your field. If deemed unsuitable for publication in your chosen journal, the editor may suggest you transfer your submission to a more suitable journal of University of Chitral or any other Journal of international repute.
  2. You will be required to guarantee that the manuscript submitted to UOCHJR has not been presented to any other journal for publication and is free of plagiarism.
  3. Manuscript should not exceed 20 pages in length including the abstract and all citations written in 12 point Time New Roman font with single space, composed in MS-Word format. References/Bibliography should be typed in the same font size, numbered and provided at the end of the
  4. The title page should include:

 (i)The name(s) of the author(s) (ii) A concise and informative title (iii) The affiliation(s) and address (es) of the author(s) (iv) The e-mail address and telephone number of the corresponding authors.

  1. Abstracts of no more than 250 words summarizing the primary argument(s) and finding(s) in the article should be included at the beginning of the article with 4 to 6 keywords which can be used for indexing purposes.
  2. The language of the manuscript should be Arabic, English or Urdu and a half page of English abstract should be sent with the papers composed in Urdu or Arabic.



References should be numbered consecutively. In general, all citations/references should follow the Chicago Manual of Style. 

Table and Figures

Present tables and figures within the article, not at the end of the article. Please note that the article will be published in black and white (print), although online version will contain the colorful figures (if any). However, the color print will be available in extreme cases as per the request of the author


Publication of material in UOCHJRS means that the author assigns all copyrights to the journal including the rights to electronic publishing and fulfilling the third party request for dissemination of knowledge.

Blind Review Process

Manuscripts meriting review will be read anonymously, usually by two referees. In most instances, authors can expect decisions on their work within 30 days. You can track the status of your submitted paper online by login to our website. The Journal retains the right to make changes in accepted manuscripts that (in the opinion of the editor) do not substantially alter meaning as well as for grammatical, stylistic and space considerations. Responsibility for the opinions expressed in the articles and for the accuracy of the stated facts however rests solely with the author(s) and not with the Editor/ Editorial Board.

Off prints

Five off prints of each paper will be made available to the author free of charge in addition to one year’s free subscription to the journal. Authors may ask for further off prints at a reasonable price to be paid in advance.