Cousin Marriage in the Light of Islam and Medical Science

  • Dr. Muhammad Zahid
  • Dr. Ashfaq Ali
Keywords : Congenital Disorders, Cousin Marriage, Medical, Islam


Cousin marriage is considered to be a cause of viral diseases in the societies where it is in practice. This study focuses on the practice of cousin marriage in the light of islam and medical science.  Various holy texts regarding Maharim, non-Maharim and marriage were studied in detail. Analyses of the studies about diseases that are counted with consanguineous marriages were carried out. It was observed that there are a number of rare disorders described in medical science linked with cousin marriages. Islam taking into account this drawback in cousin marriage encourages marriages outside the family. Islam has not forbidden cousin marriages at all. However Islam has encouraged marriage outside the family to widen the social circle. Research in medical science has proved that marriages in the same family are responsible for causing various diseases.

Author Biographies

Dr. Muhammad Zahid

Dr. Muhammad Zahid has done his Ph.D from the University of Peshawar, and presently working as an Associate Professor at Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan. He has been dealing with issues relating to Health, spirituality and religion for 30 years. During this period he has been involved in Undergraduate, Post Graduate Teaching, Public Health through Research training & capacity building of the public health staff from Islamic perspective. He has many papers published in various reputed journals. As member of committees and groups he has made positive contribution towards improvement of research in health sector. 

Dr. Ashfaq Ali

Dr. Ashfaq Ali has done his Ph.D in Islamic Studies from the University of Peshawar, besides having undertaken a course on Islamic Jurisprudence. With the knowledge of more than 15 years of teaching experience, he is an Expert Faculty Member in the field of Islamic Studies and Social Sciences and is actively involved in organizing and managing various training programmes on the teaching of religions. Effective communication plays a significant role when it comes to training youth  & that is what makes him special. He is an experienced trainer in National level and being a versatile educationist he has a firm grip on the philosophy of religions, spirituality and logic. He is also involved in documentations and management of various projects. In addition to being involved in research, he is as busier with teaching activities and also published a comprehensive work on religions.

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